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Certification Process

There are essentially three steps to the Kosher certification process.

  1. The manufacturer is provided with a certification checklist that needs to be completed. This provides Kosher Australia with key information for subsequent audits and also flags any area that can be resolved beforehand. The information in the checklist also assists in positioning the product with consumers and other manufacturers once it has been Kosher certified.
  2. A preliminary site audit.
  3. Based upon the data from the checklist and the audit, the Rabbinic Board determines the conditions for certification. Once the manufacturer implements any requested changes, they sign a formal service level agreement with Kosher Australia. Once Kosher certification is complete, the manufacturer is authorised to use our Kosher symbol in their literature and on packaging. Products will be included in the various Kosher food guides that Kosher Australia issued for local and international use.

A typical certification for a single facility will cost between $AU 1500 to $AU 3000, but this is dependent on the actual conditions of the certification as stipulated by the Rabbinic Board. Blanket certificates are generally only granted for a 12-month period.

As Kosher Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, charges are merely to cover costs.


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