Amount of Flour in the dough that requires Challah to be taken

  1. If the dough contains less than 10 cups of flour (2.5 litres) in any one batch, separation of Challah is not required (1 cup = 250 ml)
  2. If the dough contains 10 cups of flour or more, but less than 17.3 cups (4.32 litres) of flour, Challah should be separated but without a brocha.
  3. If the dough contains 17.3 cups of flour or more, Challah must be separated with a brocha
  4. All the above are volumes. The weight equivalent is:

    Type of flourWithout BrochaWith Brocha
    Cake Flour1.360kg2.360kg
    White Bread Flour1.320kg2.290kg
    Home-ground Flour1.245kg2.160kg
    Bought Brown Flour1.390kg2.410kg