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Kosher Australia has been certifying food products and food services since 1968 in the Asia Pacific region. Our products and services support the full spectrum of the food industry from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to caterers, restaurants and consumers.

We serve a growing number of consumers from all walks of life for whom independent Kosher approval and certification provides an essential level of confidence in the products they purchase. We provide members of the Food Industry with value-added services that maintain or establish new distribution channels and markets both in Australia and internationally.

We are excited to launch our new Food Guides for 2015. They contain the latest information for the Kosher Food Market and reflect a significant increase in Food Industry clients and products. 


For a minimal, once-a-year cost, subscribers can research over 5,000 food products and services. Subscribe Online Now!  

Kosher Australia Online

We are also delighted to launch our updated website to coincide with the launch of the new Food Guides. We have gone to great lengths to employ the latest technology to deliver a world-class facility.

This website offers a detailed explanation of what makes food kosher (or non-kosher) and advice on buying, storing, preparing and consuming food in a way that preserves its kosher status. 

For consumers

The website provides easy-to-use access to our extensive online food product database which is continually updated and provides access to the most up-to-date information available. All registered subscribers to the Food Guide may access the online database at no additional charge.

For those travelling to other cities in Australia and nearby countries, the Travellers' Guide gives essential advice on finding kosher resources away from home.

For the Food Industry

This website offers access to the growing market for kosher food locally and internationally and provides ways in which Kosher Australia can promote your products via its various marketing channels. Kosher Australia works with over 1,000 food industry client partners to directly benefit their businesses each year. This website significantly enhances that capability and we look forward to expanding those partnerships over the course of the coming year.


For a minimal, once-a-year cost, subscribers can research over 5,000 food products and services. Subscribe Online Now!



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